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5 Ways DJs Use VendorVid for Business

As a professional DJ, one thing is clear, it is persuasive to potential clients when they are able to see and hear your awesome skills while in the decision-making process. VendorVid is a great way for DJs to demo their skills to potential clients in a professional way. It is also a way for them to differentiate their customer service from other companies by always being able to offer face-to-face interactions. Unlike other video chat services, VendorVid was created with event and wedding vendors in mind. Here are five ways that DJs use VendorVid for their business.

1. Potential Client Consultations

DJs use VendorVid to meet potential clients. On VendorVid, potential customers can search, find the DJs they want to work with, and contact them for a face-to-face video chat. Upward of 90% of brides would like to meet their vendors before the wedding. Video chat has been proven to offer higher quality interactions than phone calls. DJs can use VendorVid to set themselves apart from the competition. While potential clients may forget some of the phone calls they’ve had with other DJs, they won’t forget the video chats they’ve had. Video chat has been proven to leave a greater impression.

2. Live DJ Mix Demos

DJs use VendorVid to close deals with potential clients. Often, customers ask DJs if they can come to an event to see them perform. Usually, this is not possible, especially if the DJ does a lot of private events like weddings. VendorVid gives DJs a chance to show clients their skills with a 5-10 minute live DJ demo. DJ Maurice of Covenant Child Productions had this to say:

“For me as a DJ & Event Vendor, VendorVid is an indispensable tool. When I work with clients that are out of state, VendorVid is an excellent platform for face-to-face chats. I’ve even used it to set up live demo mixes for some prospective clients, and they all loved it! VendorVid is a great addition to my business, and I’m glad I signed up for it!”

3. Find other Vendor Services

DJs use VendorVid to meet other vendors. There are times where DJs will have customers ask them for additional services. Some common services include lighting, photo booth, and videography. In some cases, DJs even need to find other DJs to assist them. VendorVid is becoming a great resource for DJs to find other vendors to work with.

4. Have Business Meetings

To go along with #3, DJs use VendorVid to setup business video chat meetings. Meetings can be scheduled with other team members and other vendors within their local area. Instead of having team members travel to the same location, VendorVid can be used to easily setup virtual face-to-face meetings. Also, for DJs looking for other vendors to work with, scheduling a VendorVid chat is an effective way to build relationships without traveling, which is a big time saver to vendors during the wedding season rush.

5. Planning Sessions with Existing Clients

Finally, most DJs schedule a meeting with their clients a couple of weeks or days before the wedding to discuss the details. DJs use VendorVid to prevent the awkward moment of meeting a couple face-to-face for the first time at their wedding. Having a face-to-face meeting before eases the tension for both parties and helps to build trust and a stronger relationship with clients.

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