New VendorVid Features Make Video Chat Appointments Convenient

As part of our new product release, engaged couples and others planning events can request quotes and appointments from top rated vendors in their area by submitting a simple questionnaire. Vendors that are a good fit will send a quote and a proposed video chat appointment based on the customer’s availability. The benefits of these VendorVid updates include:

  • Ability to efficiently go from search-to-meetings with top rated vendors
  • Saving time by having multiple video chat conversations in the time it takes for one in-person meeting
  • Customization of online vendor showcases with the vendors that are a best fit
  • Simplified video chat with no downloads or plugins required

Check out the 3 Ways Clients Connect with Vendors video above to see VendorVid in action.


Additionally, now vendors are able to easily manage video chat appointments with clients. Check out the 3 Ways Vendors Connect with Clients video below for details.


Also, check out this example video chat!


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