Top 5 Tools Wedding Planners use for Business

Wedding planners are experts at time management. It seems like they make things happen “auto-magically”, but behind the scenes, they use powerful tools to help make the wedding planning process easier.

The following are top 5 tools wedding planners use for business.

1. HoneyBook

HoneyBook helps wedding planners seamlessly streamline their processes, so they can focus on what they do best: creating unforgettable moments. The platform handles contracting and payment processing, while also allowing wedding planners and clients to collaborate. HoneyBook gives clients a user-friendly online experience where they can view, book, and pay for their wedding services effortlessly. It also helps wedding planners stay organized by providing the ability to view the client’s current status and what needs to be worked on next.

2. HelloSign

HelloSign is a cloud-based electronic signature tool that enables wedding planners to get contracts created, signed, and saved paperlessly. Clients are able to fill out and sign documents on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. HelloSign also integrates with other services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, and SkyDrive, allowing wedding planners to save and access their signed documents via these accounts. Some wedding planners choose to pair HelloSign with PayPal to help simplify the contract and deposit process for clients.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud based file storage and synchronization service that allows wedding planners to manage documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Drive makes it easy to access important client documents like timelines, contracts, and presentations on the go using their mobile apps for iOS and Android. Google Drive is free for a limited amount of storage and provides integration with many other popular professional wedding planning tools.

4. AllSeated

AllSeated assists wedding planners with viewing venue floorplans, creating guest lists, and seating arrangements. Their cloud-based solution allows sharing of event details in real-time to eliminate the confusion that can be caused by offline version management. In addition, wedding planners can use it to create and view multiple timelines, auto-generated reports, and 3D floorplans. AllSeated helps wedding planners to use thier time more efficiently by cutting down on the number of site visits.

5. VendorVid

Last, but not least, VendorVid is another tool that wedding planners use for business. VendorVid is a business video chat tool that helps wedding planners meet new customers and build stronger relationships with existing clients. Especially with those that don’t live in their area. In the same time it takes to attend one initial in-person client meeting, wedding planners can use VendorVid to have live video chat meetings with multiple potential and existing clients. Allison of Allison Barnes Events, a top rated wedding planning company in the DC Metro Area, had this to say:

“As a planner, I’m constantly on the go; whether it’s walk-throughs, site visits, vendor meetings, etc. I’ve been on the hunt for a way to simplify my schedule and VendorVid came along at just the perfect time. VendorVid allows us to hold video meetings with potential clients, existing clients and other vendors as well. So we spend less time driving all over DC, Northern VA, Central VA & MD and more time working on the details to make sure our clients biggest day will go off without a hitch. “

Other Tools

Three other tools that Allison mentioned as highly useful to her include Intuit (QuickBooks & TurboTax) for tracking financials, miles, payroll, plus taxes, Google Calendar for scheduling and keeping track of meetings, and Instagram for business marketing and communication.


As you can see, it’s critical for wedding planners to use tools that seamlessly streamline processes; that enable them to get contracts created, signed, and save on paper; manage files in the cloud; view venue floor plans, create guest lists, and seating arrangements; track expenses and scheduling; and that enable professional video chat interactions with clients and vendors.


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